Meet Rachel Peterson Social

Who We Are

Rachel Peterson Social is run by, you guessed it, Rachel Peterson! After graduating with a degree in journalism, Rachel fell into the marketing world and has worked in the corporate jungle and with non-profits. Her resume includes social media marketing for brands such as Better Homes & Gardens and Shape Magazine. 

Where We Work

We are located in the picturesque city of Bend, Oregon. Though HQ is in the PNW, Rachel Peterson Social is a nomadic company and partners with businesses from across the country. From the Midwest (where our roots are) to the West Coast; we work with companies far and wide.

Fast Facts

  • Rachel is an ultra marathoner and loves a competitive foot race. She uses her weekends to explore the trails of Bend.
  • We're nomads! Our headquarters have been located across the globe; from Sydney, Australia to Des Moines, Iowa. But the PNW is truly home!
  • Green tea lattes fuel us. (Don't forget the soy milk!) While coffee won't be found around the office, tea is always in abundance.