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Yoga For First Responders


Job-specific & Culturally-Informed Yoga for Resiliency Training to benefit first responders.

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Sarah Noll Wilson, Inc.


Executive Coach, Keynote Speaker, Facilitator, Researcher and Transformer of Teams

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A state-wide nonprofit helping educate, empower and advocate for those with mental illness

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Rachel Peterson is incredibly talented at what she does, and a true professional through and through. The thorough preparation she put into our meeting insured that our time together was productive and effective. Her communication is clear and she is able to make the most complex information understandable! Even though our meeting occurred over FaceTime, it felt like Rachel was there in person! It's been 3 days since our meeting, we've already started to implement her advice, and we're seeing a huge response! Rachel is a rockstar - I couldn't be more excited to keep hiring her to level up my business! - Natalie Sinisgalli, Owner of Natalie Sinisgalli Photography